Gam3Gear Brook Super Converter PS3 to PS4 Controller Gaming Adapter with Gam3Gear Keychain


  • $51.99

Brand: Gam3Gear


  • PS3 to PS4 Controller Converter with Gam3Gear Keychain
  • It recognizes wireless PS3 controllers and PS3 steering wheels and automatically configures all buttons as shown in the map to the right.
  • No switching is required. Offer your controller a simulated touchpad button of PS4 controller.
  • IMPORTANT: PS4 firmware update to 3.11 disables the Brook Super Converter after 8 minutes. Brook has developed a firmware update to address this. Please make certain to update your device firmware before using.
  • NOTE: Each Brook Controller Adapter can only handle one wireless PS3 controller at a time.

Hardware Platform: Playstation 3

Operating System: PlayStation 3

Platform: PlayStation 3

Publisher: Brook

Details: PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 Controller Converter Convert all of you PlayStation 3 controllers for use on the PlayStation 4 system! The brook adapters focus on giving you LAG FREE support for multiple system accessories on the PlayStation 4 console! Use Madcatz, Qanba, Hori, Sony, PDP branded product on your Playstation 4 system! Works with arcade sticks, fight pads, custom controllers, official wired controllers. Works in all games, Mortal Kombt, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V Preprogramed profiles for standard controls Customizable control scheme's Add turbo functions to any controller Updatable firmware! PLUG and PLAY! Just plug the adapter into the system, no setup required!

UPC: 049008698154

EAN: 0799418118505

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