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Blast off into the farthest reaches of space in Fireball XL5!

In the future, mankind has at last made its giant leap beyond the bonds of Earth. Under the supervision of the World Space Patrol, the galaxy and all its wonders are finally being explored by a fleet of spaceships unlike anything we have had at our command before. Under the command of the rugged Captain Steve Zodiac, the fleet's flagship Fireball XL5 investigates the deepest corners of Galactic Sector 25 in search of faraway planets, alien life and adventure.

Another distinctive creation from the mind of producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet), Fireball XL5 debuted in 1962 and soon became a favorite of young viewers with one eye aimed at the television and the other on the rapidly growing Space Race. Anderson's famous SUPERMARIONATION technique is of course on full display here, offering its unique look and style to the adventures of Colonel Zodiac and his crew. All thirty-nine fantastic tales from the Fireball XL5 crew-in glorious black and white-are presented here in an out of this world box set.

**New Extra's**
Commentary with director Alan Patillo and voice artist David Graham
Documentary The Noble Art of Fireball XL5

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