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Buster Keaton s THE GENERAL is not simply one of the greatest silent comedies ever made, it is one of the greatest films of any era. In restaging the true story of one man s journey behind enemy lines to reclaim his captured locomotive during the Civil War, Keaton stages a series of complex chases, using lumbering trains as comedic props. Keaton s inventive mind is matched only by his physical athleticism, making THE GENERAL a truly breath-taking experience.
Keaton s first foray into making feature films, THREE AGES is a parody of D.W. Griffith s Intolerance, dramatizing man s quest for love in three parallel settings a modern city, the Stone Age, and ancient Rome and loading each plotline with amazing stunts and hysterical sight gags.

Special Features: New 2K restoration by Lobster Films, Orchestral score by Robert Israel, Orchestral score by Joe Hisaishi, Audio commentary by film historians Michael Schlesinger and Stan Taffel, Introduction by Orson Welles, Introduction by Gloria Swanson, Return of The General, a vintage short film on the restoration of the legendary locomotive/New 2K restoration by Lobster Films, Music by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, Music by Robert Israel, Vintage Alka-Seltzer commercial, starring Buster Keaton, Candid Camera television segment, starring Buster Keaton, Man s Genesis (1912) a prehistoric drama by D.W. Griffith, parodied in Three Ages

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