New 3D Full Cover Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/ S8 S9 Plus/ Note 8/ Note 9

White Attic

  • $14.00

* Material: Tempered Glass
* Privacy Protection: Screen with the 7 privacy screen protcetor is only visible to persons directly face the screen or view over 45 degree, block prying eyes beside you on bus, elevator or other public places.
* Bubble-Free Auto Adhesives for easy installation and no residue when removed.
* Premium Thin 0.2mm 2.5D Round Edges Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector, 9H Hardness, Scratch-resistant,, Extremely durable, Anti-smudges, Accurate touch sensitivity.
* Keep your information safe and prevent others from viewing the information on your phone screen.

Kindly Reminder:
1. Privacy cover will darken the image, so please turn your device display brightness up for a better view.
2. To better protect your phone, we recommend you that please use it with cellphone case together because the main function of screen protector is to prevent your phone screen from minimum daily scratches and it just plays an auxiliary protection role while falling down.
3. Privacy screen protector does not cover the entire screen so that to enhance compatibility with most cases.

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