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A private eye fights a criminal in the Australian outback for the possession of a priceless opal.

Sam Elliott, The Big Lebowski, Once an Eagle, stars in this action-packed film as Harry Wingate, a hard-nosed adventurer who is hired to retrieve a priceless opal known as The Blue Lightning. Robert Culp I Spy, The Greatest American Hero plays Lester McInally, a heartless super-criminal with an army of killers who guard the gem in an underground lair deep in the Australian outback.

Wingate blasts his way into McInally's heavily armed base to retrieve the opal, but barely escapes with his life. Shot up and near-death, it is only through the efforts of Kate Rebecca Gilling, and a group of aboriginal tribesman, that he is able to survive. When Kate's husband is found brutally murdered, they all end up joining forces for a final deadly showdown with McInally.

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