Hdmi Switch Splitter - 4K HDMI Cable Splitter 1 in 2 out HD Signal Splitter, 2 Ports Powered Hdmi Super Mini Splitter for Full HD 1080P with 3D Capability, Super FUN for HDTV, Game Consoles, PC & More


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Brand: fitTek

Color: Enhanced Version


  • Hdmi splitter'-ENJOY THE HD WORLD: 1x2 HDMI Splitter supports a full range of high definition audio types, including SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby True HD. Audio Return Channel 3D - 3D is the latest rage for both home theater and gaming. It allows you to enjoy audio and video enjoyably and simultaneously.
  • Hdmi splitter-IMPROVE WORKING EFFICIENCY: This HDMI splitter distributes one HDMI source to two HDMI displays simultaneously. It offers an HD video solution for super markets, shopping malls, HDTVs, STBs, DVDs, projector factories, data centers, information distributions, conference room presentations, education and training, corporation show rooms, home theaters, and more!
  • GIVE YOU LARGER VIEWING SPACE: HDMI Splitter Switcher Supports 3D, 1080P, 4k x 2k resolution and HD audio. Suitable for Computer, Notebook, XBox 360, XBox One, PS3, PS4, Projectors, DVB receivers, HD-Ready or Full HD TVs, Blu-Ray DVD, etc. You can use it at home or office, it can give you larger viewing space.
  • NO WORRY ABOUT SIGNAL LOSS : fitTek HDMI converter are convenient because they will allow the splitter of 1 hdmi source to 2 hdmi displays without signal loss, which permitting a less confusing mess of wires and a cleaner entertainment center. They are backward compatible to all previous versions.
  • EASY TO USE & 100% BRAND NEW AND HIGH QUALITY: Simple metal appearance looks pretty, hub 2 outputs is easy operation, what you need is just a HDMI splitter cable to connect your devices and enjoy your movie or TV games. It's very useful in your daily life.

Hardware Platform: xbox_360

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Media Type: xbox_360

fitTek 1 In 2 Out HDMI splitter with wired was tested can achieve up to 15m long distance signal transfer via cascade, while no worry about signal loss.

fitTek HDMI splitter is focused on providing high-quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and commercial markets. fitTek hdmi converter has played a major role in transforming whole-house audio, video and home theater.

The Function of a HDMI splitter is to replicate the same HD source(from DVD Player, Satellite receiver, etc.) and display them simultaneously on replicate audio signals along with the video signals! It is a small device but extends your home theater to multiple locations within your house.

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In order to protect the splitter and your devices, please make sure the splitter is powered off before you connect video source and displays. Please insert and extract HMDI cables gently.

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