MOFIR PS4 Dual USB Controller Charging Dock Station with LED Indicator for Sony Playstation 4


  • $17.99

Brand: MOFIR


  • Dual micro USB port: Allow you charger two PS4 controllers simultaneously.
  • Vertical disply: Comfortable for inserting two controllers and saving your rom space.
  • LED light indication: When you charger, the LED light is in blue.
  • Compatibility: You can get the prower through the USB Port form other 5V device.
  • Fast charging: Full charge to two controllers within 4 hours. (The 120v outlet plug not included)

Hardware Platform: Pc

Details: Note: 1. Charge protection function, only when the power is lower than a certain value, will begin charging
2. When loading the handle in the charging bracket, please mount the handle in the correct direction
3. If you want to clean the charging cradle, wipe with a dry cloth, don't clean with chemical solvents
4. Don't put this charging cradle with metal objects together
5. Don't use a microwave oven or an external heating apparatus for drying treatment of the charging cradle
6. Don't place the charging cradle to direct sunlight or high temperature and humid place to place
7. Don't disassemble the charging stand


Input Voltage: DC 5V 1000MA
Output Voltage: DC 500MA for each controller charge slot
Cable length: about 2ft

Package Contains:
1x PS4 Dual Controller Stand Charge
1x USB Charge Cable

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