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Trick Baby Johnny "Folks" O'Brien, a white man, and "Blue" Howard, a black man, are two Philly con men who use their skill and their color to manipulate and scam, until they swindle the wrong people. As events unravel and their true colors come through, Blue and Folks must learn to trust each other to get out of hot water. That Man Bolt Martial arts expert Jefferson Bolt is on a job to transport a cool million in cash from Hong Kong to Mexico City, only to discover that the money is dirty. Now, Bolt must set out to destroy the crime syndicate that set him up, a mission that leads him from high-stakes danger in Las Vegas to high-speed chases in Los Angeles. Willie Dynamite Willie Dynamite is a flashy street pimp whose operation is crumbling with the challenge of competing pimps and corrupt cops. When a woman from his past resurfaces and tries to save Willie's girls from a future on the streets, he must decide whether he wants to go out in a blaze of glory or try to turn his life around.

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