Turtle Beach - Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium Gaming Headset - Superhuman Hearing - Xbox One


  • $191.99

Brand: Turtle Beach

Edition: XO Seven Pro

ESRBAge Rating: Everyone


  • Headset Audio Controller Plus - Connects to any Xbox One controller and puts all audio controls at your fingertips, including Superhuman Hearing.
  • Superhuman Hearing - Gain competitive advantage by hearing every sound around you, like enemies sneaking up on you, weapon reloads before an ambush, and distant vehicles bringing in reinforcements
  • EQ Audio Presets - Enhance your gameplay experience with EQ audio presets, including Bass Boost
  • High Quality 50mm Speakers - Hear every crisp high and thundering low with these large 50mm speakers
  • Variable Mic Monitoring - Say it, don't shout it thanks to the ability to hear the volume of your own voice inside the headset

Hardware Platform: Xbox One

Operating System: Xbox One

Platform: Xbox One

Details: Step-up your game with the Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro premium officially licensed gaming headset for Xbox One. The XO Seven Pro features high-quality 50mm over-ear speakers for amazing game audio and crystal clear chat. The included Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus provides additional features like Superhuman Hearing which gives players a competitive advantage, control of game audio and chat balance, four EQ audio presets including Bass Boost, Variable Mic Monitoring so players can avoid shouting, and Master Volume and Mic Mute controls. The XO Seven Pro also comes with leather wrapped ear cushions to deliver a level of comfort worthy of a champ. Connections:

  • Xbox One: 3.5mm via Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus
  • Mobile/Tablet Devices: 3.5mm
  • Product Specifications:
  • Speakers: 50mm with Neodymium Magnets
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Ear-cup Design: Over-Ear (Closed)
  • Ear-cushion Material: Synthetic Leather (Black) with Memory Foam Cushioning
  • Microphone Design: Removable Uni-Directional Microphone
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